Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family Fun

One more post today should do it =). I would like to have everyone see my cutest family. Here is Chris/Jill and baby Izzy: they're my favs!!
Here is my sister in law Jennifer with her youngest Savannah. They know that they are my favs as well (right) =)
The next one is my brother Kenny who is married to Jen and they have four children. Madeline is the oldest, who just became a pre-teen on the 4th. Ian is 9 and will one day be an artist, he has the most creative mind. Connor is 4 and just loves his baby sister Savannah. She'll be the boss of him =)

Here is my lovely niece Madeline and her brother Ian, it looks like they were having a great day doesn't it?

Here is Grandpa with Izzy:

Nothing would be complete without Grandma and Savannah:

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